Bad News: 92% of the job seeking public will write their own resume.
Good News: Your professionally written resume will keep you ahead of the 92%!                      

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   You have a valued skill-set and unique cache of experience that employers are looking for.  You simply need to promote yourself with an effective resume. Let me help you market your most valuable asset:  YOU!


Why hire a certified professional resume writer?

Celebrities have publicists, great novels have authors. Why not hire your own personal writer to help tell your story and create a professional image for you with flair? 

Hi, my name is Pete Lavelle, CPRW and resume builder. As a former marketing manager and a military veteran, my working experiences are rich and varied; I’ve done a lot in my life and touched a lot of career fields and that helps me relate to a wide range clients like you. 
When I engage my passion to write for you, I will create a resume that will get results.
 Writing a resume is not for everyone and I am here to help you succeed!

Send me your current résumé, evaluations are free and honest. If you don’t need my help, I won’t offer it.  If you do, my prices are among the best value for the time you get with me and the time it will save you in your job search. Getting hired one week sooner more than pays for a professional resume


Forget free templates and questionnaires:
Why you need a professional resume writer

In today’s competitive job market, a dynamic, professionally written resume is more likely to be on top of the consideration pile while the self-authored ones end up in the recycling bin. This is because resumes have to appear on database search results first, appeal to human resource managers second, then to the manager looking for the right person, third. Many resume "writers" require you to do a lengthy questionnaire and hand over a lot of cash. They then wordsmith your writing and hand it back to you as a resume. 

Are you unemployed?

Shortening your job search and time out of work is your number one priority. Investing in a professionally written resume equals a fraction of the cost of being out of work, for even one week. Reduce the stress of unemployment and increase your prospects for getting interviews. Read my testimonials. These are real quotes from real people that I’ve helped to realize their goals.

Thinking about a career change?

Professionally written resumes enhance career choicesMany people have other interests, skills, and experiences that could lead to alternative careers.  I’ve changed careers myself and helped others do the same.  If you have a passion for something and you’re not exercising it, I can build a resume for you that can help change your life!

How many times have you found that perfect opportunity and thought;

“If I could just talk to them, I know I could do this job.” 

To get that interview, you can’t afford to have an average resume. You need a marketing tool that gets more than a quick glance. You need a document that rapidly communicates what you can do for the employer, your accomplishments, and relevant skills; a resume that captures their interest and gets you that interview. 

Attention federal employees, veterans and soon to be veterans; I've been where you are. Use my experience and unique perspective to your advantage!

As a professional writer with real marketing experience, I will create a sales tool for you that says…

“You are worth interviewing!”

Tell me your story

Every resume starts with a personal interview between you and me.  I specialize in turning your experience into a career success story.  I will create a stellar resume to promote your accomplishments with clarity, professionalism, and the creative difference that gets you noticed, and gets you interviews.

I will transform your current resume into a powerful promotional tool.                                

My Guarantee

My goal is to help you be successful in your job search.  I want you to be excited about your new opportunities.  If, within the first 30 days after receiving your new resume you are not getting calls from prospective employers, I will work with you to revise it until you’re satisfied, for a period of 60 days from order completion.



Privacy note:  All of your information is safeguarded and used solely for the purpose of crafting your resume.  With your permission only, I will store your resume in a database to share with select recruiting firms upon their request, otherwise all information will be held strictly confidential.

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